Press Release

Press Release

Two R.H. Batterman employees take to the skies!

                Offering our clients UAV services in surveying, engineering and construction management services.

Two R.H. Batterman employees, Ellyn Subak P.E and Kristin Belongia P.L.S., recently received their certifications to take to the skies by obtaining their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilot license. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a UAV pilot license in order to fly a drone for commercial purposes. Both Kristin and Ellyn are able to provide UAV (drone) services to Batterman clients for use in surveying, engineering and construction management, by providing high resolution aerial imagery as well as topographic relief of their client’s projects.

Simply put, the UAV is a flying camera which can be controlled manually by the pilot or it can be controlled by a pre-programmed flight path that the pilot creates ahead of the actual flight.  The pre-programmed flight is the best option for survey data collection, because the UAV incorporates GPS and GLONASS to very precisely maintain its position in flight.  Even though the UAV is the apparent star of the show, the real magic takes place in the post-processing of the flight data.  The photos, video and other data gathered in flight must be carefully analyzed through an additional photogrammetry software package in order to extract survey grade topographic data that can be used for engineering design purposes.

Kristin Belongia, a Professional Land Surveyor, explains the benefits of utilizing a UAV during the survey process, “the use of the drone in surveying has allowed us to supplement our traditional survey work with a very dense network ground surface data collection and current aerial photography to produce an existing site conditions map.  Drone use cannot replace fundamental surveying, but it is a tool that aids us in providing accurate and cost-effective mappings for many types of uses beyond the initial survey.”

The UAV can also be useful in the construction industry by monitoring the progress and changes on a site.  By using the pre-programmed flight path and collecting still images repeatedly, over a long duration of time, a ‘flip-book’ or time-lapse slide show can be generated to illustrate construction progress or changes over time.

When asked about the UAV services being offered, R.H. Batterman President Frank McKearn stated, “Batterman is committed to technology in all aspects of our business and we are excited to offer UAV services to our clients.”  If you are interested in learning how drone technology can help you with your project or land surveying needs, feel free to contact R.H. Batterman at 608-365-4464.